Mechanical Properties

Grade 5 Titanium


Comparable in strength to Grade 8 steel, Titanium is 56% less dense and roughly 45% lighter than steel. Its mass along with its resistance to extreme temperatures and corrosion make Titanium an ideal alloy often used in the aircraft, space & bio-medical industry. 

Ultimate Tensile Strength: 900 MPa

Modulus of Elasticity: 114 GPa

Fatigue Strength: 510 Mpa

7075 Aluminum


One of the most recognizable properties of aluminum is its mass at a stagaring 65% lighter than of steel. However, comparable in strength to a Grade 2 bolt, aluminum fasteners should not be used where strength is critical. 

Ultimate Tensile Strength: 572 Mpa

Modulus of Elacticity: 71.7 GPa

Fatigue Strength: 159 MPa